Areas of Practice

Nargol Port, Western India Geotechnical Consultation

Israel Ports Company (IPC) / 2012-2013

Amarilis (a subsidiary of the Israel Ports Company (IPC)), in cooperation with Cargo Motors Pvt Limited, was awarded a design tender for a new port in the rural Nargol region of western India. Geotope-Levin was selected to perform geological consultation and supervision on the offshore geotechnical investigations, which included drilling in the open sea and geophysical surveys. The work included surveying and identifying sites for the supply of raw materials as well as professional supervision over the drilling works that were performed 5 km offshore on a raft in the open sea. One of the challenges that we faced was in improving of core recovery in the highly weathered basaltic rock. Our background in drilling techniques and the professional collaboration that we developed with the local drilling company brought about a significant improvement in the quality of the rock samples that were taken and an increase in their recovery precentage by controlling the bentonite solution and using a compatible drill head. This work once again gave expression to the ability of the company’s staff to work with local professionals under chalenging field conditions.

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