Areas of Practice

Dallol Project, Ethiopia

Tahal Group / 2017

The Dallol Project in Ethiopia is also illustrative of the company’s ability to perform work in the most challenging areas of the world in cooperation with other companies, including consultation, supervision and support of professionals having different cultural backgrounds and work methods as practiced in developing nations.

In this project, which was managed by hydrogeologist from the Tahal Group for Israel Chemicals Ltd., it was necessary to perform pumping tests in wells that were drilled to depths of 150 m as part of the feasibility study to execute solution mining of phosphate deposit.

The Dallol region is located in the Danakil Desert of Eastern Ethiopia, one of the hottest places on Earth, in a subtropical depression located below sea level. This region is characterized by hydrothermal activity that finds expression in sulfur springs and volcanic activity that can be observed near the cone of the Arta’ela Vollcano. Among other things, salt mining is performed in the area by members of the Afar people who transport blocks of salt by camel caravans in the same manner as it was done for thousands of years.

Hydrogeologists from Geotope-Levin joined a professional team at the site and participated to provide consultations and supervision over drilling, the execution of pumping tests and water sampling. The work was performed in shifts under harsh field conditions and also included accompaniment and training of a local team of geologists.

We won praise from the client as finds expression in the letter of recommendation that we received from Tahal.

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