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Manara Pumped Storage

Ellomay Pumped Storage (2014) Ltd. / 2009-2023

Manara Pumped Storage is a hydroelectric project in northern Israel, its design started at 2009 and its construction started at 2021. Geotope-Levin has been involved in the project since 2009 in the preparation of technical specifications for the performance of geotechnical investigations that included core drilling to a depth of 760m, and 805m, in a heterogeneous rock cross-section with limestone, dolomite, sandstone, mudstone and Argillaceous limestone horizons. The engineering challenge also included the execution of hydraulic tests at great depths in collaboration with foreign consultants from Électricité de France S.A. (EDF).  Findings of the investigation have been published in a GBR report prepared in accordance with international standards. Later during the design process, when the project passed into the hands of Alumei Pumped Storage (2014) Ltd., our professional relationship also continued with consultants from Pöyry Austria GmbH.

With the generous approval of Alumei Pumped Storage, which allowed the use of the rock cores for academic study, the geological cross-section of the Manara Cliff was studied and evidence was found of sedimentary marine geological and environmental processes that occurred in the area approximately 130 million years ago. The findings of this study were published by reserchers from the Charney School of Marine Sciences at Haifa University.

(Bialick O. and Waldman N., 2017)

Engineering Geologist Moshe Levin, Geotope-Levin’s owner, presented the challenge in designing megaprojects such as pumped storage projects in sensitive seismic areas at the “Africa 2019 – Water Storage and Hydropower Development for Africa” International Conference held in Namibia.

Pumped Storage Hydropower Projects in Active Seismic Zones along the Jordan Rift Valley, Israel

The professional experience gained in this project, including collaboration with academic research entities and sharing of information at international conferences, illustrates Geotope-Levin’s vision in leading and promoting the field of engineering geology and rock mechanics in Israel and globally.

With the begginning of this project, geologist on the behalf of geotope-Levin supervised a diagonal, 805m Deep borehole. This borehole provided important information that reduced the uncertainty about the geological conditions and allow to optimize the location the turbine cavern.

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