Areas of Practice

Palmachim Sands Penetration Project

Lavie Natif – Mekorot / 2018

This project, which studied the feasibility of infiltration of treated sewage in the Palmachim Sands, is part of the Shafdan complex, in which sewage that has undergone treatment is injected into a sandy medium. The sandy medium acts as a filter and, after [the sewage is] mixed with groundwater, the water is pumped and transported to the Negev region for agricultural use. A Geotope-Levin hydrogeologist supervised drilling on this project, in which samples were taken to characterize the soil cross-section and identify the high permeable sand layers.  Several permeability tests were also performed to calculate hydraulic coefficients.

Findings of the survey were analyzed in order to create isopach maps for each of the soil units and to form a 3-D model.

This project was executed in cooperation with Lavie-Natif Consulting Engineers, Ltd. under contract with the Mekorot Water Company.

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